The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.


Today we stayed in. After yesterday’s trip to the Temple and to Lotte World (events still waiting to be blogged), we needed the rest. But by in, I mean, we stayed in The mall has quickly become our back yard.

At one end of the mall, there’s the Hyundai Department Store (yes, that Hyundai), with a supermarket on the first floor. As we were checking out, the woman in line behind us began chatting with Volucris.

Woman: Where you from?

Volucris: Israel.

Woman: AH, Is-Ra-El. You very smart.

And then she rapped her knuckles on Volucris’s head.

This is not the first time this has happened. It’s happened in the subway, too. In Korea, Israeli means Very Smart.

I don’t know why this means they have to knock on my kid’s noggin. Also, I’m trying hard not to disabuse them of this notion all by myself. This can be difficult as I’m still getting used to using Won instead of Shekels.


Comments on: "Is-Ra-El" (4)

  1. Cool, you get to test the theory on anti-Semitism – if people think you’ve got something special going on, the logical response is to want to be a part of it. Not to kill you.

  2. Moya Smiler said:

    Have to give benefit of doubt- ignorant people are not necessarily anti-semetic; but you can find out soon enough!

    • I don’t see a trace of anti-semitism. They value intelligence very highly here, and Jews are known world-wide for being smart. People react very positively on learning where we are from.

  3. That’s what I mean – they have no tradition of Anti-Semitism, so they don’t perceive our intelligence as a reason to hate us. Thus, this particular “reason” is thus shown to be an excuse.

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