The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.


This is what six looks like:

Missing front tooth and all.



















Lyra wore her hanbok to celebrate. She calls it her Korean Princess Dress.

The height of Korean fashion, circa 1450 CE



















We invited some children we’ve befriended to a birthday party in our apartment. Moments before they arrived, so did housekeeping (yes, daily housekeeping. I can seriously get used to living like this).

Usually the housekeeping woman is very differential. She is friendly, but her preference is to act invisible. That is, until she saw Lyra in her hanbok. She got all excited, pulled out her cell phone (is this a good time to mention that her cell phone is light years more advanced than mine? Okay, so I’ve refused a new cell phone for years, but still. Koreans take their technology very seriously.) The housekeeping woman asked me if she could photograph Lyra! Of course I agreed. So if you frequent any Korean websites and you see a photo of Lyra dressed like this, now you know how it got there. What I’ve learned in the past week is this: show any interest or respect for Korean language or culture, and the people here adore you for it. “Kamsamnida” goes a long way, not just because you are saying thank you, but because you’ve bothered to learn the Korean word for it.

This is the same housekeeping woman who owns all our dishes, but that’s a different story.


Comments on: "Six." (2)

  1. That dress (Hanbok, okay) is GORGEOUS!!!! Please tell Lyra that i loved seeing the pictures of her in the Korean Princess Dress.

    Do they make them in grown-up sizes? They’re so tznius and gorgeous.

    Do you have one of your own? I cant imagine you would leave Korea without one for yourself (if you can find it made out of anything but polyester…)

    • I’m planning to get one before I go. Polyester or not, how can I miss out? Aquila and Sagitta each have one, too. We are planning on wearing them to shul on the shabbat right before Purim. 🙂

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