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Samsinging Your Own Praise

When I say Samsung, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Children’s Museum, right?

Well, maybe it is if you read the previous post. But the first thing that comes to my mind is “big televisions and small cameras”. I didn’t realize they did anything else. That’s because before I came to Korea, I did not know what a chaebol was. Essentially, a chaebol is a giant conglomerate (which is why my cucumbers are Hyundais). And chaebols wisely have foundations that contribute to the community. Including one adorable children’s museum.

Now, as a fellow Westerner, you might think that this would mean that the entire museum would be covered in branding. I assumed that they would not let us forget for one moment who sponsored our lovely afternoon of educational and character building play.

I was wrong.

In the entire museum, only one exhibit in one area had any sign of branding, and even there it was unobtrusive. Score one for Asian modesty.

Another thing I noticed?

It was somewhat crowded.

Regardless, it wasn’t noisy. And the kids were kind and well behaved.

It made me a little homesick, really.
Also, the children at the museum were quite surprised when my kids weren’t able to speak to them in Korean, like civilized people.

Another thing that we noticed is that the majority of exhibits were geared toward children working together in order to get optimal results. The subtle emphasis on teamwork was refreshing.

(Somewhere out there, there’s a Korean mother who just went to a children’s museum in the US and blogged, “the subtle emphasis on individuality was refreshing”).

Something to know about the Samsung Children’s Museum is that it’s really geared to children 10 and under. I brought along the Kindle for Volucris. He’s reading Machiavelli. Yes, really.

He didn’t use it. He helped his sisters.

"How to load an air cannon"

And he used exhibits in ways the designers did not anticipate.

"How NOT to load an air cannon"

He might have been twelve inches older than the other kids there, but it didn’t stop him from having fun.


Comments on: "Samsinging Your Own Praise" (1)

  1. They probably didn’t anticipate Israeli kids. Next time, there will be signs: “how not to use this”

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