The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.

Otherwise, you might find this:

Oral Hygiene. With someone else's toothbrush.

As best as we can determine, Sagitta climbs onto the stool in the bathroom, gets one foot onto the towel bar affixed to the cabinet, and pulls herself up on the counter until she can climb into the sink. Then she reaches for the nearest toothbrush, conveniently located in the black cup on the counter.

The first time we found her in the bathroom sink, she had also managed to turn on the cold water. No one has actually seen her climb in, so it’s possible that she’s teleporting herself; one never knows with toddlers. So please close the bathroom door, or the next toothbrush might be yours.

You’d think the kids would be a little less blasĂ© about the whole thing, but they don’t seem to mind finding their toothbrushes half way down their little sister’s gullet. So I’m going to have to rely on you.


Comments on: "Please close the bathroom door." (1)

  1. Noam does this too. He gets his own toothbrush…and he took it with him someplace, so now I can’t find it. Maybe its in the toy bin or under the fridge…

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