The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.

My niece, the Superhero

Everyone, please meet Super Elisheva.

See the skirt baby Sagitta is wearing? Super Elisheva crocheted it herself.

A week ago, I got the following e-mail in my in-box:

“What are you doing for shabbat beacause my parents are in India so I thought maybe we should go to you but then I realized you are just coming back from Korea so maybe you will want to come to us?”

That’s right. My 15 year old niece invited me for shabbat lunch.

The food was excellent, the company superb, and I stayed until after shabbat so that I could help with the clean up. After all, even Superheros have to study for history tests.
An honorable mention to her sister, who helped clean and made the jello, her brother who made kiddush and havdala, her other brother who helped serve, her other other brother who turned the leftover jello into an art project, and her other other other brother who is seven years old and still called Goo-Goo Baby by his sisters.

He’ll be 35 with a family of 6, certification as a Rabbi and a Phd in Physics and they will still call him Goo-Goo Baby. Just watch.


Comments on: "My niece, the Superhero" (2)

  1. The girls will, we never call him that.

  2. […] my niece, the superhero? She invited us over for dinner tonight. See the powder blue calculator watch? Super Elisheva knows […]

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