The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.

Say Cheese!

My foodie family has a new best friend.

This is Yaniv.

Say Cheese!

He is the proprietor of the new cheese shop in Ra’anana, Beit HaGvinot, which just opened on Monday. Shai and Yossef work there, too.

Lyra and I were their first customers. We were on the way to the park when we saw the luscious, juicy olives that beckoned us inside.

We haven't tried all the flavors yet. We'll have to go back tomorrrow.

Beit HaGvinot has all sorts of cheeses from cow, goat and sheep’s milk. We had the blue cheese along with the gorgonzola cheese tonight with potatoes for dinner. Aquila made a strawberry-lettuce-tomato salad that complemented the meal perfectly. Let it be known that we are foodies, down to the baby, who can be calmed down with some emmentaler when she’s really upset. We’ve begun looking at the cheese shop as a sort of a field trip; we go with the expectation of trying something we’ve only ever heard of until now.

They have cheeses from all over the world. I foresee many field trips in our future.

And they have salads.

They are pareve. I double checked.

The shop is at 88 Ahuza Street. You can call them at 077 424 4532 if you have any questions. There are branches in Ramat HaSharon and Kfar Saba that I am sure are also excellent, but then you don’t have Yaniv, Shai and Yossef to take care of you. They didn’t bat an eye when I walked in with my four voracious children; they deserve a medal for that alone.

They just opened so they don’t have a teuda up yet; you might want to stick to buying things with labels on them until the Rabbanut delivers the certificate.
Go on, stop by. Tell Yaniv, Shai and Yossef that I sent you.

And try not to moan too loudly when they give you samples to try. It upsets the other customers.


Comments on: "Say Cheese!" (3)

  1. looks yummy.passed by in one direction but forgot on my way back. and i am so glad to hear about strawberries in your salad bec i found for 8 shekel today and wanted in my salad but i got funny looks! (at home) woulda been good with my dressing.

  2. Jeff Doshna said:

    Reason number 782 why we REALLY need to come for a visit!

  3. I’ve been making strawberry salad so much, people are beginning to complain. With balsamic vinegar and shallots or red onions. Looking forward to trying out this place!

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