The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.

Six, continued.

When Lyra was three years old, she knew what she was going to get for her sixth birthday.

She waited very, very patiently.

Then we ended up spending her sixth birthday in South Korea, so she waited patiently a little longer…

until yesterday.

Yesterday Saba and Savta came to visit, and Lyra finally got her birthday present: pierced ears.

She chose the ones with the little red flowers.

Then Saba took us all for ice cream.


It was a lovely, lovely belated birthday.

Grandparents. Think of them as Parents 2.0. “Parents: the Previous Generation” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


Comments on: "Six, continued." (2)

  1. Ooh pretty! Wow, you guys are so much more liberal than my parents (ahem) were. Tatty hated the idea of pierced ears at all. Mom convinced him that it was appropriate for a Bat-Mitzvah girl to have them. So I got them (in the pediatrician’s office, no less!) at 11 years and 10 months (to allow time for healing so that I could wear the earrings of my choice on the big day).

    Of course, my big “teenage rebellion” happened a few years later when I decided (against my parents wishes) to get myself a second hole (in one ear). My grandmother in Florida was very helpful and took me to the mall (no more pediatricians!) to get it done.

    I wonder what type of rebellious activities Lyra will engage in…of course, she’s only 6.

    Happy birthday!

    -Aunt Chavi

  2. Very sweet – glad it went well!

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