The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.

The best things come…

A little more than six years ago, my friend Mel decided to knit a baby gift for Lyra. Lyra had not yet been born, but Mel found delicious mohair yarn and the knitting needles and began to knit the same blanket that she had made for her youngest daughter, who is now sixteen.

Mel has MS. It was slow going. Sometimes she can move her hands, and sometimes she can’t.

Every few years, she’d show me the progress, and curse the illness that slows her down. Regardless, she persevered…

and now Lyra has the softest, fuzziest, most delicious blanket ever hand knitted, every stitch full of love.

I don’t know who I’m happier for.


Comments on: "The best things come…" (1)

  1. That’s wonderful that Lyra has a gift that she can truly appreciate and you have a friend who is so dedicated and giving.

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