The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.

One of our friends in Korea has the Korean Talmud for Grown Ups. When he sends me more information, I will post.

In other news, we are getting ready for Pesach.

Do you think Sagitta grabbed the scissors in order to trim her bangs? I just can’t bring myself to cut her hair, even if she chronically pulls out every ponytail holder, clip and barrette I put in. On the one hand, it makes her look like a terrier and obscures her vision. On the other hand… I’m just not ready to cut it. Maybe there’s a clip I haven’t tried yet. And if I wait, eventually her hair will just catch behind her ears.

Comment if you have a suggestion, I’m willing to try anything. Except the obvious.


Comments on: "Tal-Mu-Deh… the Grown Up Version?" (4)

  1. Headbands?

  2. You don’t have enough to worry about that you fighting with a toddler about keeping clips in her hair? Let go.

  3. I love the photo, very real, thanks. Great story about the Koreans too, must be an interesting place to be. This comment grabbed my attention, “They told me that it was not part of their school curriculum yet every single one of them had read it as a child. When I asked them if they had read the Koran both classes burst into laughter. ‘Of course not thats the Muslim book’.. ”

    I’m fascinated at the item which looks like some kind of double boiler, cholent or popcorn machine, what is it?

  4. ALan, welcome to the blog! I will be posting more about that photo later, it’s a giant metal Ikea pot with a medium size glass pot taped to it. It’s the skeleton of a work in progress.

    Kira, at this point I only try to put them in shabbat morning and the rest of the time I brush the hair out of her eyes. I have lots to worry about, that’s why I choose the little things to focus on. Nothing I can do about the big things. 🙂

    Chavi, she pulled it out. But you guessed that already.

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