The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.

Breaking News!

This may not be an earthquake, tsunami, or revolution in anyone else’s world, but it sure is in mine.

Volucris is visibly taller than me.


Dudes, I’m freaking out.

Don't tell the UN. They'll pass a resolution about anything these days.

I always knew this would happen. I just never fully believed that it could.


Comments on: "Breaking News!" (4)

  1. Hey, you can beat her at basketball too.

    And she can’t “talk down” to you either.

    Malks – Time to put on those high heels. The REALLY high ones.


  2. excuse me while i giggle profusely.

  3. The really hilarious part of it is that parental authority still works — it feels strange to us, but they still respond the same ways they did when they were shorter than us…!

    (Incidentally B has been taller than J since last summer!!)

  4. Volucris would never intentionally beat his mother in basketball, it would be entirely disrespectful.


    He’s only getting started.

    You know, it’ll be useful – he can reach stuff for you, and he’ll do it, too.

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