The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.


Now that things are settling down after Passover I can show you what that giant papier-mâché project became.

Not bad for some paper and glue, eh?

It’s our sefirat HaOmer calendar. The day after the Passover seder, we began to count the days and weeks to the next holiday, Shavuot, just like the Torah tells us to do in Leviticus. Each night, Moses goes up one step on Mount Sinai. Yes, it’s historically inaccurate, but it gets the idea across: the freedom of Passover culminates with the acceptance of the Torah on Shavuot. Just as we see ourselves as leaving Egypt, so too we stand at Sinai and accept the Torah.

Here is a close up of the Tablets of the Law:

Rectangular, just like the Talmud says. I mean the Jewish Talmud, not the Korean one.

And Moses, too:

We still need to number the stairs. I was hoping to get away without it, but now every time someone bumps against the table poor Moses falls off and it’s getting to be a pain to put him back on the correct step.


Comments on: "Countdown" (5)

  1. Cloud Man said:

    True about numbering the steps. However, every time Moshe falls off it’s a real reminder what day it is currently.

  2. beautiful! ❤

  3. Gorgeous and so creative! Love it!

  4. Looking at the shape of the mountain, I have only one comment:

    “This means something.”

  5. Everyone: Thank you!

    Saba: It’s a Close Encounter of the 49th Kind.

    Meanwhile, watch for the tutorial… someone really asked for it. It’s good to know that my kind of crazy *is* catching.

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