The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.

Privy to a Secret

Cloud Man came home for shabbat.

Look what he brought home as a gift:

Because the way to a woman's heart is... nevermind.

This puppy has more buttons than a cockpit and more features than is wise.

He gets to stay.


Comments on: "Privy to a Secret" (4)

  1. I dont get it – what does this thing do?

  2. Does it have a Shabbat setting?

  3. Is this the kind that closes itself, so we don’t get annoyed by our menfolk leaving the seat up?!
    I tried to buy one of those for my sister a while back, but they were outrageously expensive.
    Perhaps in Korea they are now standard in every home…

  4. This is an Asian toilet seat with a built in bidet. It has settings such as “posterior wash” and “dry”. It cannot be used on shabbat, sadly. It doesn’t seem to close itself, but it does close silently, which is lovely, too.

    There’s also a “turbo wash” setting, but you don’t want to know what that is. It will only traumatize you. It’s helpful on Passover though, what with all that matzah.

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