The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.


Why is it that little kids are forever trying to squeeze themselves into spaces where only a Star Trek-like fluctuation in the space-time continuum would allow them to fit? Sagitta has a special cry that means “please bail me out”, and another that means “bail me out, NOW!”, just for these very instances. Today it was the please cry, so I sent my eight year old minion, who suggested I come quickly… and bring the camera. “Eema, you’ll want to blog this”, she told me.

Sagitta has always had a fascination with washing machines, though she prefers front loaders.

My kids know my parenting style, what can I say?

This jogged my memory and sent me into our photo archives, where I knew I would find this:

That's Lyra. She removed all the books from the shelf and climbed in.

I learned “quick, get the camera!” parenting from My Sister the Rebbetzin, who still has the video of her boys giving their superhero toys a bath in the toilet. Considering all the parenting books on the market, I think there’s a book deal in this one.


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