The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.

One and a half.

Today was Sagitta’s half birthday. She celebrated by exploring everything she could get her little toddler hands on, and by expanding her horizons.

Yes, this one scares me, too, but I don't let on. If I panic, she panics, and then bad things happen.

It’s very hard to be a toddler. I try to be a conscientious mother and talk to her about what’s going on and include her and have her help me around the house (and it’s lovely to have her help loading the washing machine). But the more she (rightly!) explores, the more everyone around her seems to start every sentence with “No”.

No, you can’t play with the laundry detergent.
No, you can’t knock that glass onto the floor, and how did you get hold of that, anyway?!
No, butter is not a main dish.
No, not on Eema’s laptop!
No, No, No, Get down from there! No, No, the baby is WHERE?! No, No, Dangerous, Hot, No, No, No.

We try to keep a lot of the No objects out of reach, so Sagitta just figures out a new way to reach them. And also, she’s become really irritable. No one can be thwarted that often without developing a bit of a chip on their little toddler shoulder.

In order to show their appreciation for Sagitta’s struggles as well as this milestone, the girls and Tigress decided to bake some cupcakes for her.

I did promise to tell you about Tigress. She has been living with us since right before Passover. She was studying Chinese Medicine when her school suddenly moved from Tel Aviv to our neighborhood. She needed a place to stay and we had the room. It's a real blessing having her with us, and only partially because of her excellent baking skills.

See what they did with the candles?

The slash is a toothpick.

Sagitta was very, very pleased.

She shows such wholehearted appreciation.

The leftover cupcakes are in the freezer. I am very pleased, too. Midnight snack, I hear you calling!


Comments on: "One and a half." (2)

  1. As Noam is just a bit older than Sagita, I can relate. I try to limit the “no”s b/c when I say them I really want them to count, iykwim.

    So what I do when I find he’s gotten ahold of something I really don’t want him to have, instead of saying “no” I try to say “Thank you – that’s for Imma” (if it’s my cell phone or wallet) or “Thank you Noam – that’s too hot/sharp/dangerous right now”

    FYI…we broke 3 dishes this shabbat…its only things (I am repeating this as my mantra – so far, so good).

  2. butter as a main dish…cut to grocery store night (my favorite!). Bags are on the floor and you know who is helping me unpack…when I see him biting right into some goats milk butter, foil and all. “butter is NOT a main dish…save some for Mommy.” Thought of you and this blog.

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