The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.


Remember my niece, the superhero? She invited us over for dinner tonight.

See the powder blue calculator watch? Super Elisheva knows her Geek Chic.

Super Elisheva went to Cooking camp at a gourmet food and cookware shop here in our city. She wanted to share what she learned with me. It was an honor, as well as a culinary delight.

She made these delicious ravioli (these were the exquisite cheese ravioli in creamy tomato sauce. We didn’t get a picture of the divine yam ravioli in cream sauce).

See the cigar on the side? It was filled with cheese and nuts and sun-dried tomatoes and mint and love.

And then my dearest, beloved niece made deep-fried ice cream.

Special thanks to Super Elisheva's sister, Wonder Chaviva, for the photos.

It was a religious experience. Warm and crunchy and cold and smooth, Super Elisheva served this study in contrasts up with real maple syrup. It’s something I’ve only ever read about, and friend, if you’ve only ever read about deep-fried ice cream instead of tasting it, summon Super Elisheva (I’m just guessing on the summoning thing, as I’m not really clear on how other people contact superheroes. I just use my cell phone). Once you’ve reached her, beg her to make some deep-fried ice cream for you.

Because you know something?

Super Elisheva did it again!


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