The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.


Some of you know that Dedushka, my dad, is in the hospital under observation.

Dedushka and Volucris at Volucris's bar mitzvah


Here’s the scoop: Dedushka is fine. Part of his face is a little droopy, but the CT scan is clear. (They say they didn’t find anything, but when it comes to a brain scan I’m pretty sure that means they didn’t find anything abnormal. If they didn’t find anything at all we’d have other worries). He was very dizzy and nauseated, too, and with symptoms like these doctors like to keep an eye on things. So Dedushka is going to be in the hospital until Sunday.

We are managing fine; either my sister or I are with my mom, who is handling this fairly well, all things considered.

Meanwhile, dad’s Hebrew name is Pinchas Ben Karolia, and a perek of tehillim or a nice mishabeirach in shul won’t go amiss. Thanks, and shabbat shalom!


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  1. send as many kisses as you can possibly carry from us.

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