The world is a wonderful, if very wacky, place to be.

Home… and not.

1. Dedushka, my dad, is home from the hospital and doing much better. If you want to leave him a welcome home message, use the comments. Even though he lives a few blocks away, he’s always happy to see pictures of grandchildren and is an avid reader of the blog. (Hey Dad, check the comments, k?).

2. I did the unthinkable: I bought a baby carrier.

It's a boring blue I don't love. I think I may have to bling it out.

After all the carriers I have made, I still found myself in sudden need a soft structured carrier. I set aside time last night to make it, but that was exactly when Sagitta decided that she needed to be awake, too. So this morning I bought a Yamo, because when one flies alone with a toddler, soft-structured is the carrier of choice.

3. Sagitta and I are flying out to Seoul tonight. The kids are going to be with Cloud Man’s folks. After all, what’s life without a little spontaneity?


Comments on: "Home… and not." (4)

  1. Valerie Levin said:

    Does this mean you get a maid cleaning your apartment again? Glad to hear your dad is doing better.

  2. Dedushka, glad you’re home. Refua Sheleima!

    The yamo looks ok. I think it will have a decent resale value if you don’t feel like jazzing it up.

  3. HI Pop! Glad you are out of that disease infested place and back home where you belong! Sending you a million blessings for a quick and speedy recovery and to merit witnessing the coming of Moshiach in immediate days. May you know nothing but health, happiness and joy. Love Rivkah

    As for your trip…happy trails. Do you like the carrier anyway? Is it comfortable?

  4. Glad Dedushka is home. Refuah Shleimah!
    Now we can compare notes on the Yamo with a toddler! I’m flying with my 16mo and no stroller soon!

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