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Why is it that little kids are forever trying to squeeze themselves into spaces where only a Star Trek-like fluctuation in the space-time continuum would allow them to fit? Sagitta has a special cry that means “please bail me out”, and another that means “bail me out, NOW!”, just for these very instances. Today it was the please cry, so I sent my eight year old minion, who suggested I come quickly… and bring the camera. “Eema, you’ll want to blog this”, she told me.

Sagitta has always had a fascination with washing machines, though she prefers front loaders.

My kids know my parenting style, what can I say?

This jogged my memory and sent me into our photo archives, where I knew I would find this:

That's Lyra. She removed all the books from the shelf and climbed in.

I learned “quick, get the camera!” parenting from My Sister the Rebbetzin, who still has the video of her boys giving their superhero toys a bath in the toilet. Considering all the parenting books on the market, I think there’s a book deal in this one.


Six, continued.

When Lyra was three years old, she knew what she was going to get for her sixth birthday.

She waited very, very patiently.

Then we ended up spending her sixth birthday in South Korea, so she waited patiently a little longer…

until yesterday.

Yesterday Saba and Savta came to visit, and Lyra finally got her birthday present: pierced ears.

She chose the ones with the little red flowers.

Then Saba took us all for ice cream.


It was a lovely, lovely belated birthday.

Grandparents. Think of them as Parents 2.0. “Parents: the Previous Generation” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


Happy 37th Birthday, Cloud Man.



Here’s to a scalable and elastic future together.

Samsinging Your Own Praise

When I say Samsung, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Children’s Museum, right?

Well, maybe it is if you read the previous post. But the first thing that comes to my mind is “big televisions and small cameras”. I didn’t realize they did anything else. That’s because before I came to Korea, I did not know what a chaebol was. Essentially, a chaebol is a giant conglomerate (which is why my cucumbers are Hyundais). And chaebols wisely have foundations that contribute to the community. Including one adorable children’s museum.

Now, as a fellow Westerner, you might think that this would mean that the entire museum would be covered in branding. I assumed that they would not let us forget for one moment who sponsored our lovely afternoon of educational and character building play.

I was wrong.

In the entire museum, only one exhibit in one area had any sign of branding, and even there it was unobtrusive. Score one for Asian modesty.

Another thing I noticed?

It was somewhat crowded.

Regardless, it wasn’t noisy. And the kids were kind and well behaved.

It made me a little homesick, really.
Also, the children at the museum were quite surprised when my kids weren’t able to speak to them in Korean, like civilized people.

Another thing that we noticed is that the majority of exhibits were geared toward children working together in order to get optimal results. The subtle emphasis on teamwork was refreshing.

(Somewhere out there, there’s a Korean mother who just went to a children’s museum in the US and blogged, “the subtle emphasis on individuality was refreshing”).

Something to know about the Samsung Children’s Museum is that it’s really geared to children 10 and under. I brought along the Kindle for Volucris. He’s reading Machiavelli. Yes, really.

He didn’t use it. He helped his sisters.

"How to load an air cannon"

And he used exhibits in ways the designers did not anticipate.

"How NOT to load an air cannon"

He might have been twelve inches older than the other kids there, but it didn’t stop him from having fun.

How did we get here?

First things first: this is a public blog. If you know my kid’s names, please don’t use them in the comments, okay?

So for our purposes, our oldest son is Volucris. Our first daughter is Aquila, Our second is Lyra, and the baby is Sagitta. Stars and constellations, mostly referring to flight. Lyra is just too plucky to be called anything else.

As many of you already know, we live in Israel. But right now we are in Seoul, South Korea. My dh, Cloud Man, is a frequent flier. He had some business in Korea, so instead of him traveling back and forth, I took the kids to visit him  here.

I don’t plan for this to be just about our Seoul adventure, hence the more general name. Let’s get started then, shall we?


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