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So tell me…

how could a baby look so jaded?

You've seen one starfish, you've seen them all.

Thirteen months old, and already a weary world traveler.



In today’s post, we’re going to learn a new word.¬†Come on, say it with me:¬†“bulgogi” This is the Korean word for fish. Let’s dissect what it means:

Bul: water
Gogi: meat

And with our new found appreciation for how the Korean language views our undersea friends, let’s go to the Coex Aquarium.

This gentleman would like to have a word about Korean etymology.

The aquarium is fairly large. It took us two and half hours that felt like 25 minutes, and even then we were rushed through the penguin exhibit because they were closing. We did not get photos of penguins. We did, however, get photos of pretty much everything else. Including this.

The Tortoise and the Hairless: Aesop's story that didn't make the final edit.

The kids had a great time. They learned a little bit about the Han River ecosystem, they saw seahorses, which was very high on their to-do list, and we really enjoyed a particularly creative exhibit where common fixtures of Korean life were turned into fish tanks.

The sink,

the washing machine,

The vending machine.


Pocari Sweat is a real soft drink brand here in Korea. I don’t know who or what a Pocari is, or why he or it sweats so much… or why this sweat is bottled and sold. There is a lot about Korean culture I don’t understand. I just roll with it.

We saw lots of unusual creatures.

Granted, we didn’t really need to leave home for that.

Even Sagitta was able to get up close and personal with the fish and animals in the exhibits.

We saw a tank full of piranhas, which were much shinier than I expected.

They look like carp in beaded evening wear. Nothing I would associate with skeletonization.

Volucris shook hands with a lawyer.

This guy lives with the Performing Sardines, and apart from the denizens of the shark tank in Coex. The shark tank that is the size of our apartment back home. I couldn’t get photos as the plexiglass was way too thick, but let’s just say that the sharks we saw were described by the kids as either “smaller than Volucris” or “bigger than Volucris”.

And you know what’s not far from the Coex Aquarium? We have to pass it on the way back to our place.

That’s right. The Bulgogi Brothers restaurant. Similar exhibits; very different display cases.

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