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Volucris is going to visit the States with his grandparents in a few weeks, and he’s bringing his Aunt the Reality TV Star this:

Buckled waist for convenience, long straps for maximum adjustability.

It’s double sided.

You can hardly tell it's the same carrier.

When she sent me these two very different fabrics for use in a single carrier, I was sure that they would fight it out and only scraps of the blue would remain, strewed on the floor, gasping for breath and begging for mercy from those edgy red and orange flowers. If there was ever a take-no-prisoners floral pattern, this is it. Yes somehow they manage to work together, largely because when it’s worn you can only catch the tiniest peak of the other.

With some of the leftover fabric, I made a little bag that’s also double sided, with handles that can snap around the waist of the carrier and a key attachment. It’s just the right size to fit two diapers, a thin container of wipes, and maybe a wallet.

Yeah, the toilet post was more interesting than this one (unless you follow that link above and watch my sister-in-law give birth on national television. That’s at your own risk, though). That illness still has me down. Either that, or my life really is this boring. I’m not complaining, trust me.

And if you’re wondering why the post is titled 802, it’s because I hit publish before I remembered to give it a real name. It’s been that sort of day.


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