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Oops, I did it again.

I missed that fever + red spots with white centers = chicken pox. For the fourth time.

In my defense, we were getting ready for Passover, Sagitta only had a mild case, and she was playing happily the whole time (if the kid can play, she’s just not that sick. This is a general principle). Granted, that’s pretty much what happened the other times, too. We diagnosed Volucris retroactively from a photograph when I found out that Lyra’s bug bites weren’t bug bites. Aquila’s case was only caught because Cloud Man noticed the red bump behind her ear the next day.

Once I put the pieces together, I took Sagitta to Dr. Shalev, who confirmed my suspicion. Of course, by then, she wasn’t contagious anymore.

Almost all better.

I am really, incredibly, thankfully glad that I was too caught up with Passover preparations to visit either of my friends who just gave birth. Sometimes, missing the forest for the trees actually does work in my favor.


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