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Today I took Aquila for her first haircut since she trimmed her bangs all by herself when she was three years old.

Doesn't she look great?


We went to Steves’, whom Volucris rejects because he feels that Steves’ hairstyles are “too fashionable”. That was exactly why Aquila wanted to go there, and no where else. Steves (I’m not missing an apostrophe, that’s the way his name is spelled) styled the girls’ hair for Volucris’s Bar Mitzvah because I wasn’t feeling well enough to do it myself. Since then, Aquila has frequently told me that she wishes she could go to Steves every morning to get her hair done. He has a doll head in the window that he styles, and Aquila always checks to see the new style when we walk past. Aquila and Lyra have been known to examine these styles minutely, comparing and contrasting the current design with his other work.

Don't worry, he only took off about 2 or 3 cm.

Steves very carefully trimmed off the part of her hair that was dry and unhappy, and then just for fun he straightened Aquila’s hair with a blow drier and a round brush the size of a water pitcher.

His precision was incredible. I was watching an artist at work.

I was really surprised by how different Aquila looks with straight hair. Suddenly I can really see her father’s side of the family in her features.

There is an ongoing debate as to whether or not any of the others look like me.

Lyra says Aquila looks like a model. I think she’s still a sweet little girl. Though between you and me, even though they’ll be back in a day or two… I miss the curls.


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