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More Random than Usual

1. Sagitta has learned to take off her clothes by herself. There will now be fewer pictures for the blog. She’s recently begun insisting on picking out her own clothing, and her taste runs to frilly dresses heavy on the ruffles and flowers and patterns, the more the better, so it’s probably for the best.

2. I have a head cold. Or maybe it’s the flu. All I know is that there are a whole host of things that aren’t happening, and I cannot summon the energy to care. But my super awesome niece came to help today, and I am very grateful.

3. Cloud Man is back in South Korea. He was home for about 40 hours. During that time he and the kids installed the new toilet seat. It is, as advertised, a unique experience in total hygiene. Well, maybe not total hygiene. I still need to brush my teeth by myself. I have gotten many, many requests, so against my better judgement here is a photo of the control panel:

Please don't ask what Turbo Wash is. You don't want to know.

Oh, did I tell you, that there’s a model of the Izen smart toilet seat that comes with a remote control? I’m still trying to figure out why. And how. Who, where, and when are not my concern.

4. I haven’t finished the last project I showed you (it’s hard to topstitch when your brains are trying to crawl out your ears), but I am gearing up for the next one. You’ll never guess what it is.

I'd claim temporary insanity but you all know better.

But first I have to stop my brains from marching out of my head and finish what I’m already working on. There are maybe two more hours of work left on that thing and I am getting impatient with being sick. It cramps my style.


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