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We’ve made friends.
Okay, so from a Korean point of view, we’ve made acquaintances, as “friends” are people who, according to one book I read, if they call you in the middle of the night with a request for a large sum of money, you do not ask why. You ask where you can meet them to hand over the cash. But hey, “acquaintance” is good, too.

Today we hung out with a colleague of Cloud Man’s and his family. They invited us to their home, which is very unusual in Korea. He had spent time in the US and is familiar with how Americans socialize, but it was still a very touching invitation. He originally invited us and hoped to cook some vegan Korean food, but after we explained what even that would mean, kashrut-wise, he wisely suggested that we come for fruit and tea instead. Our kids played and played, and their son has adopted Volucris as his older brother.

After we left the colleague’s home, we had friends we made at the Chabad house come by. The dad works for the American army, and his wife is Korean royalty, which I think is tremendously cool but she says no Korean actually cares about, as the royal family abdicated to the Japanese a hundred years ago and there is very little interest in bringing them back. I still think it’s tremendously cool. It’s not every day you serve a shoulder roast to a princess.

At any rate, the kids had a wonderful time,

and now yet another little boy would like Volucris to stay here. This is becoming an epidemic.


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