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It Happened.

This evening we went ice skating.

It is very, very difficult to photograph moving ice skaters in low light, and I don’t have the equipment for it, but I did manage to get this one shot. I did not manage to get shots of any of the Korean skating grandmothers, but it was a sight to behold watching little old ladies completely disregard other younger skates as they swooshed right past them. I was impressed.

The kids had a fantastic time. They have never been ice skating before, as the only real rink in Israel is way up North and therefore too far to get to. Lyra held Cloud Man’s hand, and Aquila and Volucris were out on their own. Sagitta is too young to skate, so she and I walked around the mall the rink is located in. I’m pretty convinced that Sagitta will be in for a shock when we return to Israel and her very presence no longer merits the movie star treatment. She can’t walk two meters in a Korean public place without people waiving at her and taking her picture.

At any rate, it happened. The kids said, “we don’t want to go home”. Home as in Israel, though when I made a bid for going back to our Seoul apartment before the rink closed, that was also summarily rejected. They claimed that we just don’t have fun like this in Israel. And there’s no ice skating, either.

Dare I say it? They are right. We might be homeschoolers and therefore have all the time in the world, but we just don’t do tourism at home like we do here. The truth is, as I was wandering around the mall with Sagitta I had the same thought. One thing this trip has inspired is the desire to go places and see things at home, too.

Also, I may have promised everyone roller blades.


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