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Last one out, turn off the lights.

Remember how I told you that Seoul would empty out for the Lunar New Year holiday? Remember how I couldn’t believe it?

Seoul is very crowded. The Seoul subway is insanely crowded. And during rush hour, it’s pardon-me-is-that-my-elbow-or-yours? crowded. It’s so crowded that the girls can stand in the middle of train car and I’m not worried about them falling because the other hundred people in the aisle will prop them up.

This photo was taken today, during rush hour. (The number two train, green line toward Jamsil, if you must know).

The mass transit culture here is much like it is in Israel. You give up your seat for the old, the infirm, and pregnant women and women with babies. It is very unusual for me to travel even a full subway stop with Sagitta strapped to my back before someone gives me their seat, no matter how crowded the train. Young healthy people do not expect to sit on the subway. As a result, we coined the expression “when Volucris gets a seat on the subway” to mean roughly the same thing as “when pigs fly”.

Today, he got his own row. Seoul really is emptying out.


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