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Intelligence Re-Reframed

Doesn’t this look like Aquila is enjoying a lovely exhibit at the Samsung Children’s Museum?


And she is. Scenery, costumes, a monitor where you can see yourself as you perform. Perfect for kids.

Except. Oh, except.

It was part of an exhibit on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory.

For kids.

Kids had the opportunity to explore exhibits of professions as seen through the lens of multiple intelligence theory: musician, actor, psychologist, architect, athlete, astronaut, copy writer, computer security engineer. There was even an area where you could print up a business card, naturally. This is Korea, after all. The business card is key.

There was very little signage in English, but I found this:

Did I mention this museum is for kids ages ten and under?


Because it’s never too early to start.

High Aptitude for Cuteness.

But seriously,

Doesn’t this make you want to have a little chat?

"So... tell me about your mother."



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