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Seoul Tower

Remember I mentioned in an earlier blog post that there is a museum here in Seoul that tells the history of the city using teddy bears?

Today, on our very last day in Seoul, the first day that everyone managed to be healthy all at once in I don’t remember how long, we went.

It’s in N Seoul Tower, which we can see from our apartment in Coex. The tower has an observatory, and we got there as the sun was setting (we took a detour to Namdaemun Market. It was a very busy day).

Even though it was hazy, there was city as far as the eye can see. I cannot describe how enormous Seoul is. The pictures barely do it justice. It’s just city, city, and more city, punctuated by the occasional mountain.

It keeps going, and going, and going.

I know it’s called a megacity for a reason, but even standing in an observatory smack in the middle of it and seeing it laid out right in front of me in three hundred sixty degrees still boggled the mind.

Then, we went back downstairs and checked out the teddy bear museum.

Honestly, I was expecting something cheesy, kind of like a teddy bears meet wax museum experience.

I was so very ever wrong.

Royal Wedding

It’s a history museum that describes the history of Seoul with costumed teddy bears, and it’s like entering into an ursine fantasy land where every detail is completely authentic and compelling.

It held the kids’ attention, from Sagitta to Volucris, like no other museum we’ve been to.

I thought that paying an entrance fee for a baby was outrageous, but upon entering, I understood.

You know the annoying mom who reads the signs in museums out loud to her inattentive children? Yes, I am that mother. But here, the girls would shout “read this one, read this one!” if I delayed by just a moment.

The displays seemed static, until a sensor felt our approach and then the bears would begin moving, engaged in whatever activity was on display.

Bears playing court music.

There were some giant bears to pose with and hug, too.

Where else can you hug an emperor?

We even got to see some of the landmarks that we visited as interpreted by this teddy bear land.

"Eema, we went on that ferris wheel!"

In retrospect, I wish that we had gone to the Teddy Bear Museum on our first day in Seoul instead of our last day. The city has a tremendously rich two thousand year history, and the teddy bears make it comprehensible and even approachable. It tied together what we already had gotten in bits and pieces.

Honestly, it makes me wonder if we can do a history of Jerusalem the same way. It would be wondrous.


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