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Zen and the Art of Toddler Maintenance

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. I actually did post yesterday, but I had to take the post down because it was in violation of Israeli military law. Who knew that dot matrix printed reserve duty reminder notices are illegal to post online, even with the identifying information fuzzed out? Oops. I still think it’s really funny that the most advanced army in the world uses dot matrix in 2011. I showed the notice to the kids as a quick history lesson.

Speaking of the kids, did you ever hear the expression that cleaning a house full of children is like shoveling snow while it’s still coming down? I have a toddler, so it’s not just a snowstorm, it’s a full-on blizzard, much like the one I was married in (really. Blizzard of ’96. We ended up getting stranded in New York and going back to Cloud Man’s parents’ house, where we were trapped for three days. Our friend Fred was also stuck and came with us, so he gets to tell people how he spent our wedding night with us. Aunt Marilyn taught a belly dancing class in the living room in the morning and Uncle Eric walked out in multiple feet of snow to get kosher Chinese food. Everything other store in three states was closed, but Wing Wan was open. Oh, and Cloud Man’s bedroom had a squeaky high-riser and shared a wall with his little sister’s room. Our marriage withstood its first hundred tests, which all took place within twenty-four hours of standing under the marriage canopy).

But back to the toddler: Sagitta is very, very busy. She plays, she helps put laundry in the machine, she does the dishes, she helps fold laundry, and she puts away groceries, and she does it like every other helpful toddler, with full gusto and total dedication, often undoing the work done for the sake of doing it again. Today, Sagitta was cleaning out the pantry all by herself, and she found an old bag of red raspberry leaf herb that I had leftover from when she was still in utero that I kept meaning to throw out and never quite got to. The bag had a ziplock closure. I didn’t pay it much mind, because she can’t quite open ziplocks, except if they are very weak.

The bag was open and contents were spilled all over the floor within minutes. I did what any reasonable homeschooling mom would do: I called the other kids in so they could play with it, too.

Lyra and Aquila were still in pajamas. It's one of the many benefits of our lifestyle.

There are things to get upset about, but this was not one of them. It’s best to just go with the flow.

There's plenty to go around.

Turns out, red raspberry leaf feels really good between the toes.

Seriously, you should try it.

Happy kids, 1, clean house, 0.


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