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While we were out

I’m sorry I didn’t blog at all while Cloud Man was home. He’s since returned to Seoul, because that’s where all the really happening gemara classes are. So let me bring you up to speed on what happened while he was home.

First, there was Purim.

I wanted the girls to dress in their hanboks, because that was easy.

But my girls see Purim as a time for their own self-expression, not my inertia.

I made this mermaid costume by hand, in two days, when I realized that resistance is futile.


Lyra unleashed her inner clown bride.

The dress matching the nose was just luck.


And Sagitta is still little enough that I can pick her costume.

Though she doesn't have to be happy about it.

Yes, I am dressed up. That’s the best I can do for “gypsy”, my go-to last minute costume, because I couldn’t get my hanbok on time. The best part of how I was dressed was being out on the street, where I could just see the faces wondering if I was dressed up, or whether that was my usual attire. Around here, it can really go either way.

Cloud Man read Megilla for us on Purim day. He was dressed up as an international consultant.

That's the megilla we had commissioned to celebrate our first year of aliyah.

I don’t mean to psychoanalyze my spouse, but I think that this may have been an expression on how suddenly our lives changed over the past year. It’s taking some getting used to.

I didn’t get a photo of Volucris in costume, but you can see him (along with Cloud Man and Lyra) in this video:

And that was our Purim. Fortunately, though, Cloud Man was home for the rest of the week, as well.

Remember I told you how I was going to get the kids rollerblades out of sheer guilt?

She's really fast now.

Done. Though Volucris got a split skateboard. They are already doing tricks.

Volucris got second place in a Judo competition. We are very, very proud.

His teammates got first and third places, too.

And Bismarck has left us. Remember Bismarck?

He wasn't really a pet. He was more of a house guest.

He was with us for over a week. He crawled out the window on Purim, and was gone two days later. I miss him. It was nice to have someone keep me company while I washed the dinner dishes late at night. We had some lovely chats, though he mostly listened.

Yes, this new life is definitely taking some getting used to.



For some of us, birthday cake consumption is a full body contact sport.

If you don't need a bath afterward, ur doin it wrong.

Sagitta, 1; Cake, 0.

Please close the bathroom door.

Otherwise, you might find this:

Oral Hygiene. With someone else's toothbrush.

As best as we can determine, Sagitta climbs onto the stool in the bathroom, gets one foot onto the towel bar affixed to the cabinet, and pulls herself up on the counter until she can climb into the sink. Then she reaches for the nearest toothbrush, conveniently located in the black cup on the counter.

The first time we found her in the bathroom sink, she had also managed to turn on the cold water. No one has actually seen her climb in, so it’s possible that she’s teleporting herself; one never knows with toddlers. So please close the bathroom door, or the next toothbrush might be yours.

You’d think the kids would be a little less blasé about the whole thing, but they don’t seem to mind finding their toothbrushes half way down their little sister’s gullet. So I’m going to have to rely on you.

Eye Level of the Beholder

So far, everyone has had something that really excited them about Seoul.

Volucris was delighted with the snow.


Aquila was elated to dress up as a Korean queen at the Children’s Museum in the Korean Folk Museum.

Lyra was enchanted by the exhibits at the Samsung Children’s Museum.

And Sagitta is completely fascinated by the front loading washing machine in our apartment.


Who knows what adventures await us during the second half of our stay?


So tell me…

how could a baby look so jaded?

You've seen one starfish, you've seen them all.

Thirteen months old, and already a weary world traveler.

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