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On Meaning.

So far, I have experienced surprisingly little culture shock. None of us have.

Culturally, South Korea is very similar to Israel. People might present a stern face but in fact are friendly. High Powered Businessmen melt at the sight of Sagitta, and play peek-a-boo with her in the elevator. People push and shove but also give up their seats on the bus or subway. And everyone has an opinion on how I should dress my baby for this weather.

It’s a lot like home.

But once in a while, I come across something that has meaning in the other cultures that I am familiar with, but doesn’t have any deeper meaning here.

So a yes often means, “I don’t want to upset your happiness by saying anything different.”

A young man ice skating in a pink top is just declaring a preference for a color but not for a gender.

And a heiling green froggy Hitler aquarium statue isn’t an expression of pro-Naziism, anti-semitism, or fascism. No one here would ever recognize the statue as Hitler. Except, of course, for us. In fact, toads are considered a good luck charm here. The person who bought him probably thought he was bringing good karma to the Seaworld Aquarium.

It’s sort of like if there was a Hideki Tōjō froggy statue in an Israeli aquarium. Would we even know there was a problem until the South Korean embassy would issue a complaint?


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