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Tzang-Eop Guk-Ga

So I just finished reading Start-Up Nation.

“But Malkie”, you ask. “Why were you reading Start Up Nation during your time in Seoul?”

The answer is simple. I have already finished reading Learning to Think Korean so I decided to read what everyone else in Korea is reading right now. The Prime Minister told everyone to read this book. Everyone is reading this book. Including me, because I’m just that sort of concerned citizen tourist.



I would have gotten you a photo of the book itself but the giant mega-bookstore downstairs is sold out.

The book Start-Up Nation (or Tzang-Eop Guk-Ga, as it is known here) presents a fairly accurate representation of Israeli start up culture. It describes how quickly ideas move in Israel, the impact of the graduates of elite intelligence and engineering units, the utter disregard for formality and hierarchy in the entire culture, and how all that combined with government incentives creates a hotbed of startups. It also describes how our little country essentially forms its own economic cluster where people can easily talk ideas with others related to but not directly in their field in informal settings (this is why we alway leave from synagogue last when Cloud Man is at home). This book has done a lot for promoting Israel in a positive, and well deserved, way.

Amazingly, the Koreans are attempting to transform their culture with this book as a blue print. South Korea is looking to the future and they want what we’re having.

Now if only we could convince our own people to want what we have we would be good.


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