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I would like to thank Tamar Yonah for the opportunity to be on her show. You can download or listen here:

My interview about the Korean Talmud is at 1:05:42.

Anyone else find it interesting how fascinated we are by people who are fascinated by us? Considering our history, it’s certainly an unusual experience.

Oh, and just in case you really can’t believe that Korean parents are looking to our people for a model of education, a friend of ours in South Korea sent us this link to his kids’ preschool, The International Art School in Seoul. This is a Korean school, and the link takes you to the English translation of the site. Click on the word “what” and you will find the following copy:

Perhaps the most multicultural group on the earth are the Jews. Centuries in exile from their homeland of Israel required them to adapt to the cultures and learn the languages of their resident countries while remaining true to the culture of their ancestors. This is one reason why the Jews have found success far beyond their numbers in fields as diverse as art, science, and information technology. At the INTERNATIONAL ART SCHOOL we attempt to mimic these conditions by immersing children in a multicultural, multilingual learning environment as part of a structured regimen of instruction.

When the kids become too successful in school, do the teachers steal their property, expel them, and then force them to wander the streets until another school takes them in?

I know, I know, they’re just being buzzword compliant. But that’s the amazing thing: Jewish success as a positive is now a buzzword outside of our community, too. Personally, I think that the Koreans are pretty darned smart themselves, and have made awesome strides in the past 60 years. In that short time they have built the 15th largest economy in terms of GDP in the world; I’m not sure they really need our help. it’s a huge compliment that they are looking to us for fresh ideas to take them into the future. A greater flow of ideas between South Korea and Israel can only strengthen us both.


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