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Catching On.

Remember these?

Dorothy, you're not in Tel Aviv anymore.

I don’t mean the girls, we haven’t been away that long (have we?). I mean the cartoon characters. We met them when we got off the airplane, and took advantage of the photo-op. After two and a half weeks here, I can tell you with confidence who they are.

The bunny is meant to represent the Year of the Rabbit, which begins this Thursday with Chinese New Year, a lunar calendar celebration. Here in Korea, people get time off from work starting on Wednesday so that they can get home to their ancestral villages to celebrate the holiday according to their tradition. I am told that Seoul will become a ghost town. This is very, very hard to believe, because there are over twenty million people in this city, and last Friday I was on a subway train with every last one of them.

The penguin in the aviator glasses is Pororo. He’s a native Korean character, the star of the most amusing cartoon we’ve seen in a long time. If you have a minute, or kids… check this out:

Don’t worry if your kids can’t read the subtitles. You can watch the videos that are Korean-only, and still understand the story.

And now we are looking for something for Volucris to do tomorrow. Aquila and Lyra are sick, so we will be home. But Volucris has a cell phone and subway card. The city is his!


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